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Each product represents a well-thought-out, well-researched idea, well-tested, providing consumers with innovative solutions that improve pet care and comfort.

YH1805 Tactical Harness

Our pet harness crafted from DuPont nylon, offers reflective safety, user-friendly buckles, and an integrated zippered pocket for convenience.

YG1872 Windproof Oxford Coat

Our pet jacket combines waterproof, windproof Oxford and 3M reflective for safety, with a soft mesh lining and secure Duraflex buckle.

YS1891 Anti-Slip Soft Shoes

Our pet shoes designed with waterproof, windproof technology, breathable fabric, 3M reflective accents, and durable rubber soles.

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Winhye is a brand committed to producing high-quality and eco-friendly pet products, inspired by the love and companionship we have with our furry friends. Our mission is to provide pets and their owners with products that promote comfort, safety, and happiness.

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” Very professional company.Great communication and they make importing their products into the UK very straight forward and easy.We look forward to making out next order in May.”

United Kingdom

” As always,the order arrived promptly and in perfect condition. It is a recommended company. “

United Kingdom

” This supplier was great to work with, very very easy to understand.Very prompt service and very helpful by putting barcodes on the products at a very cheap rate.I would recommend them for anything they sell.”

New Zealand

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What Length Leash is Best?

What Length Leash is Best?

The ideal leash length depends on your dog’s needs and activities. A 6-foot leash is versatile for daily use, a 4-foot leash offers better control in crowded areas, and longer leashes (10-50 feet) are great for exploration and training but need careful handling. The right length ensures safety and comfort for both you and your dog.

Is it OK for a Dog to Wear a Harness All the Time?

Is it OK for a Dog to Wear a Harness All the Time?

While harnesses improve control, safety, and reduce strain on dogs, wearing one all the time can cause skin irritation, hygiene issues, and behavioral problems. Experts recommend using harnesses during walks and training, with regular breaks and proper maintenance to ensure the dog’s comfort and well-being.

What Kind of Dog Harness Is Best?

What Kind of Dog Harness Is Best?

Consider size, fit, material, activity level, and your dog’s health when choosing a harness. Proper measurement and adjustment are crucial for comfort and safety. With the right harness, walks will be more enjoyable and secure for both you and your dog.


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